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Cash Jobs

cash jobs - one hundred dollars close upSome employment is temporary or does not result in an actual paycheck. These jobs are traditionally cash only and may not include benefits such as healthcare or 401 (k) options.

If you are interested in earning some quick cash to get you through a rough time or you want to earn some money while you go to school full-time, these employment options may …continue reading Cash Jobs

Ace Interviews – Learn how to market yourself effectively

Ace the Interview

The company of your dreams liked your resume enough to call you in for the real test, THE INTERVIEW. You know you’re qualified for the job, but will they?

For good reason, many people are terrified of interviews. It is stressful having someone critique every word out of your mouth and every move you make. However, it is important to remember that most interviewers aren’t looking for that one “right” answer. They’re examining your communication skills (both verbal and nonverbal), your preparedness and how you carry yourself under pressure. The Web is full of great sources to help you prepare. …continue reading Ace Interviews – Learn how to market yourself effectively

Fun Jobs and Careers

Some people have fun performing audits or preparing taxes (seriously!) while others think that alligator wrestling is fun (apparently they think risking their life is fun too…) Because everybody has a different definition of “fun”, it is impossible …continue reading Fun Jobs and Careers

Six Rules for Personal Résumé Web Sites

Thinking about setting up a personal website for your resume? Consider a few things first

In the past several years, nearly everyone has built their own web site. From small businesses selling products to individuals showcasing their own wares, the number of web sites increases every year. The Web has become so popular that some jobseekers are using it to post their professional information, including their skills, experience and examples of their work. The idea of building a personal résumé web site is alluring. After all, the Internet offers …continue reading Six Rules for Personal Résumé Web Sites

Salary, Benefits – Priorities Can Make or Break a Job

Conducting a Workplace Values Inventory – How to Choose A Career

When it comes to finding a new job, the most successful seekers know that the best jobs are not always just about salary. The truth is, there are a lot of factors that go into every great opportunity, and these are not always the same for everyone. If you are looking for a new job or career, the important thing is that you know what your priorities are before you start your job search. Doing so might just save you from regretting your decision in the future. Consider the following workplace values.

While salary isn’t everything, it is important. After all, you can’t use your health care to buy groceries. But you need to determine …continue reading Salary, Benefits – Priorities Can Make or Break a Job

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